Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pre-Vegan Dinner Prayer

Every 2nd and 4th Friday evening, I enjoy a vegan dinner with friends at the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center in Cambridge, at an event called "Dinner with Dharma". Before the vegan buffet is served and enjoyed among friends, we recite this meditative prayer:

Pre-Vegan Dinner Prayer

Meditation/Prayer Recited Before Eating

May palms be joined together in every world expressing kindness, compassion, joy, and giving.

May all beings find security in friendship, peace, and loving care.

May calm and mindful practice seed patience and deep equanimity.

May we give rise to spacious hearts and humble thoughts of gratitude.

Ci bei xi she bian fa jie.

Xi fu jie yuan li ren tian.

Chan jing jie heng ping deng ren.

Chan quei gan an da yuan xi.

I would like a clear translation of the Chinese, which I think is Simplified Chinese. Chinese Buddhist nuns run GBBCC.

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