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How to DO Animal Rights ! FREE ONLINE eBOOK !

How to Do Animal Rights

How To Do Animal Rights
Your completely freeonline-book to action animal rights.

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You may copy the online text of How to Do Animal Rights for your non-profit personal use to promote animal rights.

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Selected Links

Animal Welfare Online
Valuable practical info for AR campaigning, from WSPA.

  • Animals Asia Foundation
    Helping bears and literally millions of dogs and cats horrendously treated in Asia.

  • Online writings of Peter Singer

  • Humane Research Council
    Researches and analyses data to help animal advocates make their case.
  • BBC Animal Ethics
    A nicely concise introduction to animal ethics.
  • International Aid for Korean Animals
    Millions of cats & dogs cruelly treated & eaten in Korea & what you can do about it.
  • Animal Ethics Dilemma
    Explore your personal animal morality.
  • The Animal Activists Handbook
  • Animal Activists HandbookPractical action on alleviating animal suffering. Written by PETA activists Matt Ball & Bruce Friedrich. 2009. 128 pages.

  • Dawn Watch
    Tracking animals in the media & where you can make your voice heard.
  • Protecting Animals in Democracy
  • Protecting Animals in DemocracyAchieving political representation for animals through politics.

  • Animal Liberation Front
    Many good ideas for animal activism.
  • Voice for Ethical Research at Oxford
    Oxford University members who oppose animal research & aim to further ethical alternatives.
  • Striking at the Roots
  • Striking at the RootsRead about doing animal rights in this paperback by Mark Hawthorne.

  • Animal Rights Concerns
    About vegetarian diet and vegan lifestyle to steer society away from animal use.
  • World Animal Day
  • World Animal Day

  • Abolitionist Online
    Australian web site for animal rights.
  • Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    Academics pioneering the animal ethics debate.
  • UK Animal Rights
    Web links providing animal rights information, news and resources.

  • Introducing myself

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    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 1

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 2
    Philosophy: Key Topics

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 3
    Campaigning: Methods for Animal Rights 

    Animal rights grows.

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 4
    Activities for Animal Rights

    Animal rights empathy.

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 5
    The Law & Animal Rights

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 6
    Animal Statistics

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 7
    More Philosophy

    Animal rights. Just two words. Two just words.

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 8
    Animal-Human Issues (Some of Them) 

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 9

    Farm animals say no to mutilation.

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 10

    Chickens need life.

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 11

    How to Do Animal Rights

    Chapter 12
    Sundry Animal Rights Stuff

    Animal rights hits out at animal abuse.

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